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Kreskin, I’m Not

I predicted, yesterday, that I would have a weight loss to report.  Alas, I am no prophet.  My weight actually went UP a few pounds, so I have made a difficult decision.  I am going to purchase a new, nicer scale.  Why?  My scale gives a different reading every time I step on it.  So, my weight is either 231, 232, 235, or 230.  Take your pick.  I’m off to purchase a new scale!

3 thoughts on “Kreskin, I’m Not

  1. I’ve found my scale will give a different reading depending on where in the bathroom the scale is placed. (Old house, slanty floors!).

  2. If you step off and on your scale 5 times in a row and it doesn’t give generally consistent results, then it’s broken.

    But, if it is consistent 5 times in a row at the same time, then it’s not the scale’s fault. And it’s not necessarily your fault either. Realize that every day, you feed your body over 13 pounds of fluids, solids and air. And it’s not easy to know when that 13+ pounds was consumed or eliminated. Since it’s a constant process of in->convert to energy/store as fat->out, your weight will vary every hour of every day.

    There are ways to track your weigh-ins, filter out the noise and see what your weight is. The one that appeals to me most is The Hacker’s Diet (http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/)

    In addition to filtering out noise, The Hacker’s Diet tools will let you see trends faster so that before you gain a bunch, you’ll now you’re in a negative (as in bad) trend that should be addressed while it’s still easy to do something about it.

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