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The Weigh In That Crushed My Soul

I have hesitated to write this post.  Here goes.

I stepped on the scale Friday morning.  My eyes bulged out of my head, my heart raced, and I (literally) screamed.


After a week of doing EVERYTHING that I could think to do, I still have not managed to lose any weight.  I got down to 229.5 a few months ago, bounced around between 230 and 238, refocused my efforts, got to 231.5 last Tuesday (I took a peak)… and there I stayed until Friday morning.  Now, I should be happy that I’ve moved away from the 235-238 range, but I was convinced that I had done so well that I was going to move past the 230 barrier.

Oh well, back to it on Monday.  I’ll hit the gym and then go grocery shopping.

Being fat stinks.

4 thoughts on “The Weigh In That Crushed My Soul

  1. It could be worst…you could be fat AND in Debt 🙂 Keep up the good work…you will be fine!! I’m pulling for you…

  2. NCN

    I am struggling right now with weight loss. In the last few weeks I have lost only a half a pound to a pound a week. I started Mar 1 and in total I have lost 33lbs but I still have a long journey ahead of me. Don’t let the weight loss crush you.

  3. Keep on it you are doing well. I am sure you have read that your weight does not show the complete picture when it comes to weight loss. How about your body fat? Have you lost any inches (measured yourself in certain areas .. waist, thigh, arms, etc)? You may be surprised that you have lose a few inches there too. Keep on it.

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