Time To Get Serious

Until now, losing weight has been about feeling better.  But, after a recent visit to my doctor, losing weight has become mandatory.  So, instead of treating my weight loss like a ‘side-project’, I’m going to have to treat it like the “most important thing in my life”.  Why?  Well, the doc says that my sleep apnea is pretty severe and that the only way to improve my sleeping will be to lose weight, and a lot of it.  I need to lose 40 pounds, and I need to lose it pronto.  My doc prescribed some Lunesta so that I can get some sleep, but he’s also suggested a strict diet an a strict exercise regimen.  Needless to say, all caffeine and simple sugars must go out the door.  Lots of healthy fruit, vegetables and lean meat.  No late night snacking.  In other words, every bad habit that I’ve struggled with for the last 15 years, I’ve got to figure out how to change.  I’m still down almost 20 pounds this year, and that’s encouraging, but I’ve got to keep going.  I need to decrease my calories, increase my exercise, and really, really focus.

2 thoughts on “Time To Get Serious

  1. Good luck, NCN. It’ll be tough and the results won’t be as predictable as they were when you got out of debt, but they’re definitely worth it!

  2. My uncle is a large man with bad sleep apnea. He had to have the surgery. Then he gained weight with age, he used to be tall and lean. And the doctor said that the weight gain had caused more skin in his throat. So lose weight or more surgery! Eek, he lost 40 lbs and it really helped apparently. Plus his weight loss also allowed him to not get surgery yet for a second herniated disc. The first one he had to get done in the 80s.

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