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I Had A Great Monday! No Dieting For Me!

I don’t usually look forward to Mondays. Why? Because, for most of my adult life, “Monday” meant starting a new diet. But, I’m not “dieting”. I learning to plan for each meal, eat the right amounts of food, and actually look to food as “fuel”. So, I’ve made a few major decisions.

1. I will no longer weight myself. I realize that this is a weight loss blog, but it really should be more of a “health blog”. So, I’m going to focus on feeling better, looking better, eating better, and planning better.

2. I will no longer “talk” about my weight with other people. I’ll talk about healthy eating, proper foods, etc… But I’ve decided to STOP talking about how “much I ate”. No more!

3. I will focus on people and not food. When I’m out with a group, I will talk more, eat less.

4. I will blog about my journey. Faithfully. Not because I have to, but because I need to. There’s a difference.

5. I will set standards for MYSELF! I will not longer worry about what others think about my weight “problem”. Heck, my wife’s about to have our third child. “Somebody” likes me! 🙂

For those of you who have been reading, I realize that the posts have been few and far between. Dealing with food stuff is very, very hard for me… but I can promise you that I wake up every morning and commit my life to progress.

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Today’s great foods included:

Grits, grilled chicken, corn, apples, grapes, and some cold water.

Today’s not-so-great foods included:

French fries and some candy.

Today’s great exercises:

I walked for 20 minutes… and then I just sat in the shade and felt the breeze.