MomentumFS – Day One

I recently found the No Excuses Weight Loss Podcast – Hosted by Jonathan Roche.  I really dig the podcast, so I visited his website, MomentumFS and downloaded his free Interval Workout.

A quick review – Instead of walking at a ‘steady pace’ – Jonathan encourages ‘intervals’ – exercising so that your heart rate will go up, then down, then up, then down – constantly changing.  Jonathan claims that working out like this burns more calories “per minute” than simply walking at a steady pace.

I had a very interesting discussion with a close friend today – and I realize that I have to make losing weight my ‘number one’ priority.

2 thoughts on “MomentumFS – Day One

  1. I’ve had the MomentumFS system for a couple of weeks and I absolutely ADORE it. I already feel better, and the heart rate monitor makes working out fun!

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