Looking For A Little Healthy Inspiration

I’ve just experienced thirty of the most stressful hours of my life.  I won’t go into details (right now), but I will say – I need some inspiration.  I broke down, amidst the stress of the past day-and-a-half and I consumed about fifteen diet Mountain Dews, and I’ve been eating like a madman.  So, I turn to my fellow (and much more successful) health blogging buddies, for a little inspiration –

Fat Man Unleashed shares some favorite, healthy foods for men.

MacDaddy from Get Fit Slowly has some before and during photos.

Journal of Healthy Living reminds us of the benefits of reducing soda intake. (At least the sodas I drank were diet…)

Lazy Man writes about diet and exercise… or is it… diet vs. exercise?

Weight Ladder has suggestions for snacking, without ruining your diet.  (Again, this is information I should have thought about before my stress-induced eating.)

Maybe I need to get a Nintendo Wii like Deflabbify?  Or, just keep doing push ups like good old Fit36?

I’m going to go crank up the old treadmill and just walk until I collapse.  I need to sweat out some of this stress, if that makes any since.  And, I need to get my stretching done for the day.

3 thoughts on “Looking For A Little Healthy Inspiration

  1. You can do it! As long as the pop and food binge doesn’t last more than a day or so, you’ll be fine. Just dust yourself off, get back on that horse and keep riding! You’ll get there sooner or later!

  2. The treadmill is a great idea… Exercise creates endorphins and reduces stress.

    Maybe just go out an play a round of golf too… walking, fresh air, blanking your mind for 80 some odd shots a round…

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