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One Hundred Pushups – Harsh Reality

As always, I like to be brutally honest.  After watching this video from over at Get Fit Slowly, I’m convinced that I’ve been doing my pushups ‘wrong’.  So, I retested myself, and I’m not ready to move to ‘level 3’.  In fact, I’ve decided that I need to be doing ‘level 1’ training.  Why?  Because, I want to do 100, super-awesome, perfect push ups, not 100, kinda wobbly, sloppy, almost ups.

So, today, I did the level 1 workout for day 2, week 1.  Here’s the chart –

As you can see, I’ll be doing far fewer push ups during each training session, but I feel that I’ll be much better served – in the long run – if I learn to do them correctly.

(I also need to hit the treadmill just a bit more.)

4 thoughts on “One Hundred Pushups – Harsh Reality

  1. hmmm.

    those were some pretty perfect pushups (I HEART the alliteration ;)).

    I may need to go back and reshoot my video now.



  2. Ah! Flashbacks to military fitness testing! 🙂

    Well, hey, at least you now know the correct way to do push-ups, so you’re not really taking a step backwards.

    (Love the speaker’s accent on the video.)

  3. I think you are doing it wrong.

    You are supposed to test yourself at the beginning. If you do less than 5 push ups you do the first column as your daily workout, 6-10 the second column and >10 the right column.

    Then for each days workout you do all the levels for your column.

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