Tuesday’s Leg Workout With Longer Cardio Session

As part of my Weekly Workout Plan, Mondays are for working out my legs, but I was unable to go to the gym yesterday.  Instead, I worked them out today.

Here’s today’s workout –

  • 5 Minutes Walking Warm Up On Indoor Track
  • 40 Minutes On Elliptical Doing Intervals (I really focused on getting my heart rate above 150.)
  • 3 Sets Of 10 Seated Leg Extensions – I used a lower amount of weight but increased my repetitions.
  • 3 Sets Of 10 Seated Leg Presses – I pressed the entire 425 pound stack 14 times.  My legs are much stronger than they were at the beginning of The 929 Project.
  • 1 Set Of Calf Raises
  • 5 Minutes Cool Down On Indoor Track

After missing the gym Sunday and Monday, it felt great to be back.  I really wanted to focus on cardio, so I put my Elliptical session ahead of my leg workout.  Most of the time, I’ll do a few sets of leg curls, but my hamstrings felt very tight today and I didn’t want to risk injury.  I’ve increased my cardio from 34 to 40 minutes.