Best Christmas Ever

I hope you had a Merry Christmas.  I’m chilling out with my wife and the kids, and I’m watching them play their new Nintendo Wii.  (Seriously, the Wii is addictive.  It is, however, a little disheartening to lose to my four year old son in a boxing match!)

As far as diet news goes, I’ve done very, very well.  I haven’t cheated, even once, and I feel great.  Honestly, I haven’t missed the cakes and cookies.  In fact, it feels good not to have to deal with the sugar highs and sugar lows.

As far as exercise news, I’ve been away from the gym since last weeks kidney stone incident.  I’ll be back on schedule when we get back home, but for the next few days, I’ll do some walking around my in-laws’ neighborhood and play some soccer with my kids.

I brought my scale with me, so I can do my official weigh in on Monday.  With all of the stress associated with Christmas, and traveling, I’m proud that I’ve managed to “stay strong”.  It feels good to feel (and to be) in control.

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