Diets, Eating

What I Am Eating

What I Eat Now –

Lean Meat –

I eat chicken breast, turkey breast, and lean cuts of beef.  I try to buy hormone-free meat, but it can be hard to find.  I avoid processed meats, like those from the deli counter, and try to cook as much as I can at home.  I stir fry chicken in olive or coconut (yum) oil.  I do not use batter or flour.  I am not a fan of pork, so I don’t eat it.

Vegetables –

I eat various types of lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli, and spinach.  I also eat carrots (on my salad) and various other green leafy vegetables.  I avoid legumes (beans), corn, and potatoes.

Fruits –

I eat green apples, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  I avoid overly sweet foods like watermelon, red apples, and oranges.

Fluids –

I drink water, and that’s it.  I haven’t had a soda in 108 days, and I don’t miss the nasty things.  Living in the south, it’s almost impossible to avoid Sweet Tea, but so far, I have managed to do so!

Nuts –

I eat a lot of nuts – almonds, walnuts, pecans, and cashews.  I try to avoid peanuts.  I will buy nuts that have been salted, if that’s all I can find, but I prefer (both the taste and the health benefits of) raw nuts.

Eggs –

I eat eggs, but only occasionally.  Why?  I’m just not a big fan of eggs.  When I do eat them, I scramble them and cook them with olive oil.

Oils –

I cook with olive oil, coconut oil, or grape seed oil.

Vitamins –

I take a mulit-vitamin, psyllium husk (for added fiber), and a pro-biotic.

Diet Plan –

I follow the Phase One diet as outlined in Doug Kaufmann’s book Fungus Link.

I have also incorporated some of Mark Sisson’s ideas from his Primal Eating Plan.

A good friend of mine turned me on to Doug’s work, and I’ve found great success following his plan – which focuses on removing fungus from our bodies and taking pro-biotics.  Another friend sent me a link to Mark’s site, and I really like what he has to say.

My goal?  I want to move away from processed, unhealthy, gimmick foods – and return to a much more basic, nutritionally rich diet.

I have found that when I eat from the list above, I really don’t have to worry about counting calories.  In fact, I haven’t measured a single serving size or worried about portions in over four months – and I’ve managed to lose (at last count) 27.8 pounds.

What I Do Not Eat –

Sugar –

I do not eat products that contain sugar.  I do not eat cakes, pies, cookies, or cereals.

Sugar Substitutes –

I do not eat store-bought protein bars.  I do not drink diet sodas.  If it taste sweet, and it’s not a real fruit, I do not eat it.

Starches –

I do not eat corn, potatoes, bread, or rice.  I have considered eating whole grain oats, but I get plenty of fiber from my diet, and I’m not a big fan of oats anyway.  Oh, and I don’t eat that southern staple, grits.

Overly Processed Meat –

I try to avoid sandwich meat, deli meat, and any other meat that has had sugar added to it.  It’s tough to avoid any processing, but I try to minimize my exposure.

How Much Do I Eat –

I eat when I am hungry and I eat until I am (almost) full.  Then, I stop eating.  I do not worry about what time of day it is and I do not follow a normal breakfast – lunch – dinner routine.  I eat four or five times a day, and most of the time, I’m eating almost the same thing, all day long.