The Date Is Set For My First 5K

Baring any unforeseen scheduling issues, I will run my first 5K on April 25, 2009.

I am excited – and nervous!

So far, I’ve been training exclusively on a treadmill.  Once it warms up a little outside, I’ll start some roadwork.  Right now, if pressed, I can run a mile-and-a-half without stopping.  This is up from less than a quarter-of-a-mile just three months ago.  A 5K, however, is 3.2 miles – more than twice what I’m capable of at the moment.

I’m pressing forward, following the Couch to 5K program, and my stamina is improving.  I’m focusing on making my legs stronger, because it’s not really my wind that gives me trouble, it’s my legs.  (The funny thing is, my hips and thighs are very strong, but my calves need a lot of work.)

I’ll be heading to they gym today – that makes four days in a row – and I’m going to push myself and see if I can hit 2 miles, without stopping.

Oh, I’ve purchased some new running shoes, a pair of Asics.  I can’t wait for them to arrive so that I can put them on and break them in.

Side note – I am now down about 6 inches in my waist – and I’ve been forced to buy new pants and new belts.  What a wonderful problem to have!

4 thoughts on “The Date Is Set For My First 5K

  1. How exciting! I ran my first 5K at 52 years old. Like you, I trained on the treadmill because it was winter. I was shocked when I first ran outside. After running 5K inside, I could barely do a mile outside. So don’t be upset if that happens–just start training outside at the first chance you get. My advice on running that first 5K is to keep a steady pace. You tend to get “happy feet” and start running with the pack. But I noticed that, although I started slow, I ran the entire 5K (my goal) rather than resorting to walking because I kept a steady pace. I look forward to hearing more about your training and especially reading how your first 5K goes.

  2. Wow you are doing fabulous!!! Good for you! Isn’t it amazing what our bodies can do if we can beat the mental aspect?

    If it provides motivation a 5k is only 3.1 miles (Kilometer x .6214), so now you have progressed even farther.

    Don’t give up and don’t be down on yourself if you need to slow your pace in the 5k. I try to always beat my last time and I find this motivating.

    I too had the calf and shin aches, turns out my knees were not bothered by running, but by squats and training. The good news is this pain will pass and wow will your legs be strong.

  3. Running a race is pretty exciting. Having someone you know to run the same race with you? Having a buddy for that sort of thing is fun.

  4. I heard about your blog on the Yell At Your Fat podcast (http://yellatyourfat.com/).

    You mention a Couch to 5K program. Do you have more information on that program? My husband is registered to run his first ever race with me later this spring. He’s not a runner, so I want to make sure he’s adequately prepared.

    Thanks! 🙂

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