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Monday Weigh In – Down 14.7 Pounds – Bummer Roll

We’re all about dealing with reality, right?!?

I now weigh 237.5 pounds.

When I started in September, I was at 252.2 pounds.

So, now I’m down 14.7 pounds, which would be awesome, except for the fact that I was down 28.2 pounds in February.

Here are the details.

I started to stall, didn’t lose any weight during March, and then just “threw my hands up” in April.

Foolishly, I went back to some old eating habits, and I stopped really trying in April.  I continued to go to the gym, and I did think about my eating, but I wasn’t REALLY focused.

I have a couple of ways to look at my situation.  I choose to look on the positive side, focus on the 14.7 pounds, and get excited about going to the gym today.

Now that it’s warm outside, I’m planning on going to the gym, working out, and then heading to the track for some running.  Let’s see if that kick-starts the old weight loss.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  (I wouldn’t NEED this blog if I was GOOD at this stuff!!!)  Rock on.

1 thought on “Monday Weigh In – Down 14.7 Pounds – Bummer Roll

  1. I subscribed to your RSS back in late Jan/early Feb because we seemed to be moving at a similar pace – we had both lost similar amounts starting in September, we were both doing C25K (though you were about 10 days ahead of me), etc. I figured if I could move in tandem with someone, even someone I didn’t know, it could help with motivation and accountability.

    Well in early March I went on a cruise, but by the end of March I had lost the 3.5 pounds I’d knowingly allowed myself to gain. But the process of getting to pre-cruise weight was exhausting, so I let myself go in April, and now I’m back up about 4.5 lbs.
    I’ve also kept up with the running, and although it feels awesome, I’ve been hungrier and haven’t been tracking calories.

    In other words: we’re still in the same boat. You know the “seven year itch”? I think we hit the “seven month itch.” And now that that is comfortably out of our systems, we can re-boot for May and beyond …?

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