Really Working Hard

I had another great day today.  I hit the gym, worked through all of the machines at the gym, really kept my heart rate up, and then hit the elliptical for 20 minutes of high intensity interval training.  This afternoon, I walked 3 miles on my “home-made” track outside my house.

I can’t believe I quit focusing on my exercise for almost a month.  Sure, I was going to the gym, but I was just “there”.  Yesterday and today, I “busted it.”  Man, I’m tired, but it’s a “good” tired.

I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep like a baby.  For the past two days, I have rocked.

3 thoughts on “Really Working Hard

  1. Congrats!
    You know.. I read something the other day that made an impact..
    “Despite what most people think, motivation is NOT a feeling, but something you do. Successful people don’t wake up everyday thinking “wow, I’m so motivated! I can’t wait to attack the day!”. Instead, they just do it.”
    It might sound oversimplified, but every time I have to accomplish a task, I think of those very successful people simply “doing it” without having to go through a mental breakdown like I usually do.. It helps.

  2. Nice job. It’s indeed extremely rewarding to get back on track with your training. I still remember how I slacked off for several weeks, and the feeling of getting back was awesome, I felt great again, dynamic and more active. Happens to all of us to have those long breaks but once you decide to train again, your body will get used quite fast.

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