A Much Better Week

I’ve had a much better week this week.  For the most part, I’ve done a better job of eating healthy foods.  I’m excited about going back to the gym today.  I finally feel like a human being – and now it’s time to be a human doing!

I have decided to avoid the scale, at least for this week.  I know how I am, and if my weight is as high as I think it is, I’ll just get depressed.  So, I’m just going to eat the right foods, get some exercise, drink my water, and I’ll weigh in when I’m ready.

I’m looking forward to hitting the track this evening.  My daughter has gymnastics, the weather is nice, so it should be a great day for a little jogging.  I’m a LONG way from where I was back in March, but I have to start somewhere.

Blogging here, each day, even if I don’t have much to say, keeps me accountable.  So, I’ll continue.  Thanks for stopping by.