Interval Training Thursday

Instead of going to the gym today, I hit the outdoor track for some interval training.  Here’s the breakdown of today’s routine –

Total Distance – 2 Miles

Total Time – 25 Minutes 30 Seconds

Intervals – Alternated Running 1/8 Mile And Walking 1/8 Mile

Heart Rate – Walking 120 – 135  Running 145 – 165

I really pushed myself during the running intervals.  When walking, I focused on taking in lots of oxygen and preparing myself for the next running interval.  I could have spent more time running and less time walking, by my goal wasn’t to post my best time.  My goal was to focus on my heart rate, pushing it during the running intervals.

Now that the training session is over, I feel great.  I’ll be honest, after the first mile, I considered just walking the second mile, but I really wanted to see how hard I could push myself.  The old me would have given in – The new me refuses.

2 thoughts on “Interval Training Thursday

  1. I was so excited on Monday when I (accidentally) realized I could jog a whole mile. I was at the gym, and the treadmill I was on had an integrated TV. I got so involved in the show that I was watching that I failed to notice that I had kept jogging past my intended interval time (I wasn’t pushing very hard on my intervals, and I had not set the treadmill for intervals – I had planned on doing it manually). So I decided to see how long I could go. I probably could have done more, but I was just too excited about finishing that first mile.

    Congrats on a great workout!

  2. Sara – Isn’t it funny how stuff like that happens? Today, while on the eliptical, I was watching the tv… looked down, and I was halfway through w/ my workout… strange…

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