Do Not Wait Until January 1st To Make Your Weight Loss Resolution

Thanksgiving is 21 days away.

Christmas is 49 days away.

Are you ready?  Are you prepared to deal with the onslaught of get-togethers, sweets, parties, family meals, and Christmas goodies?  Or, are you going to just wait until January 1st and “start over”, because you don’t have time to “think about eating healthy foods” or you’re “just too busy”?

Let me urge you.  Go ahead and get started now, and don’t wait until January 1st!  Why?

  • If you wait until January 1st, you are going to have to lose the wait that you already need to lose PLUS the weight that you will gain between now and then.  If you are not careful, you could gain five, ten, even tweny pounds over the holidays.  Instead, why don’t you put a plan in place, take some time for yourself, and begin the new year down five, ten, or twenty pounds?
  • If you will go ahead and start to focus on your health now, you will feel better during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you’ll actually look forward to seeing relatives and friends.  Wouldn’t it feel great to be five pounds thinner, to have more energy, and to really enjoy walking the neighborhood, looking at lights, instead of sitting on the couch eating yet another Christmas cookie?  Ditch the bad diet habits and prepare to enjoy the holidays – without obsessing over what treats you are going to eat.
  • If you start going to the gym now, instead of in January, you won’t look like a rookie, standing in line with all of the other gym newbies.  Instead, go ahead and join the gym, start working out and getting a feel for the facility, and by the time January rolls around, you’ll own the place, and you won’t be intimidated.  I’ve been going to the gym four or five times a week for the past month, and I no longer feel “gym anxiety”.  Instead, I just put my headphones on, and go to work.  Avoid the sign up rush and get rocking.
  • If you start now, you won’t be in danger of repeating the New Years Resolution – Get Excited – Get Bored – Fail routine.  You know what I’m talking about – Every year, you make yourself a promise – “This will be the year” – and every year, around February 3rd, you can’t find your gym membership pass, you’re munching on a hand-full of Oreos, and you’ve given up.  Break the cycle.  Be radical.  Pick a random date – like I did with September 29, and go for it.

Tomorrow morning, ouline you goals, create a workout plan, focus on your eating, and get started!

1 thought on “Do Not Wait Until January 1st To Make Your Weight Loss Resolution

  1. i totally agree. my random date was september 23 (would have been earlier, but life happens). while i haven’t made as much progress as you have, i am progressing down the scale, and that feels fantastic. my goal is to be at a certain weight by christmas, as a present to myself and my family.

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