Working Out In A Packed Gym

According to my Weekly Workout Plan, Mondays are for working out my legs.  Usually, I do all of my cardio first, and then I do my workout routing.  Today, I decided to mix things up a bit, and really push myself.  Here’s today’s workout –

  • 5 Minutes Walking Warm Up On Indoor Track
  • 11 Minutes On Treadmill (Very Intense To Get Blood Pumping!)
  • 3 Sets Of 10 Seated Leg Extensions – On the last set, I really, really felt the burn.  Intense.
  • 3 Sets Of 10 Seated Leg Presses – 350 pounds is a lot of weight.
  • 2 Sets Of 10 Seated Leg Curls – I still have to be careful with my hamstrings.
  • 22 Minutes On Treadmill (Alternating 2 minutes walking with 1 minute running)
  • 5 Minutes Cool Down On Indoor Track

I really busted it on the leg extensions.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked my muscles so hard.  I liked breaking my cardio into two segments.  I was in the gym for a little over an hour – and my heart rate was elevated the entire time.

The gym was very, very crowded tonight.  I prefer to work out during the day, when there are fewer people around, but it feels good to feel like I “belong” – and I’ve stopped worrying about what others think.  Imagine, for years I have promised myself that I would work out faithfully, only to go two or three times and then quit.  Now, I’m working out a MINIMUM of five times a week – and my only regret is that I don’t have MORE time for the gym.  Crazy.

2 thoughts on “Working Out In A Packed Gym

  1. i’m totally with you there. i used to be the same way–join a gym, go a couple of times, pay for several months but never go, and then quit. but when i made a commitment to go every day, it totally changed everything. when i don’t end up going, for whatever reason, i really miss going. and i wish i could go twice a day instead of just once, but i don’t think i have the time for that. and i don’t want to overdo it either.

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