Back And Biceps Workout Plus Extra Cardio

As part of my Weekly Workout Plan, Wednesdays are for working out my back and my biceps.

Here’s what I did yesterday at the gym

  • 5 Minutes Walking Warm Up On Indoor Track
  • 2 Minutes Lunges On Indoor Track
  • 40 Minutes Interval Training On Treadmill (6 Extra Minutes)
  • 3 Sets Of Dumbbell Curls
  • 3 Sets Of Dumbbell Hammer Curls
  • 3 Sets Of Preacher Curls
  • 3 Sets Of Concentration Curls
  • 3 Sets Of Back Extensions
  • 10 Minutes Stretching

I had a great 40 minute cardio session on the treadmill.  Usually, I do cardio for 34 minutes (2 minutes warm up, 30 minutes of intervals, 2 minutes cool down).  Wednesday, however, I decided to push myself, and I added one extra interval session, with 2 minutes of walking, followed by 2 minutes of running, followed by 2 minutes of walking.  Doing the lunges before my treadmill session really seemed to help get my hamstrings and thighs invoved.  As for my biceps and back, I really focused on my biceps.  It’s amazing how much more I can move, after less than two full months of working out.

Over at my other site, No Credit Needed, I’ve listed some of my favorite, free weight loss podcasts.  I hope you’ll click over and check them out.

3 thoughts on “Back And Biceps Workout Plus Extra Cardio

  1. NCN! Keep up the awesome job you are doing!! I am really really proud of you. You inspire me everyday.

  2. i’ve been doing that Get Fit Pod treadmill interval training and today I pushed myself for another 25 minutes AFTER it was done! so I did a full 60 minutes. yay! 🙂

  3. @tiffanie rock on! i got a chance to go to the gym, not once, but TWICE today…. so, a total of 70 minutes cardio plus chest and triceps… awesome… don’t you love that get fit pod ‘cast?

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